Kristen Cetin, PhD, P.E., LEED AP

Dr. Kristen Cetin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at Michigan State University.  She is also the Director of the MSU Industrial Assessment Center. She leads a diverse research group dedicated to advancing smart infrastructures system research and education. Her research group's work focuses on the investigation of the performance of buildings, building systems, and other infrastructure and the development of solutions to improve the energy performance, efficiency, and energy demand contributions of the built environment. This includes projects that combine the fields of building science and building technology with the use of smart grid connected technologies, with the goal of building, operating and maintaining buildings infrastructure, and overall communities that are smarter, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and that reduce the peak demands on the electric grid.

Prospective Graduate and Undergraduate Students: 

Prospective graduate students interested in working with us should have a interest in building (industrial, residential and/or commercial) systems and building and other types of infrastructure construction, HVAC systems, energy efficient design, data analysis, and physics-based/data-driven modeling. Strong writing and verbal communication skills, knowledge in building science, thermodynamics, energy markets, and sustainable building design methodologies, programming experience, and the ability to work independently and as a member of a collaborative team are also highly desirable. A passion for understanding and improving the existing building infrastructure is also a plus.  A BS or MS in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering, or related field is preferred. 

We are always looking for interested and motivated undergraduate students from a variety of majors as well, for URA positions focused on laboratory, field and/or modeling/data analytics efforts.

Interested undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Cetin directly by email with a copy of their current Resume/CV and a brief summary of their experience and interests.